The Halari Oshwals’ migration to North America began in the middle 1960s. The
first group of Halari Oshwals came to North America to further their education and
professional careers. After their education, many entered the job market and found
new opportunities attractive enough to settle in America. In the mid 1970s, a second
group of Halari Oshwal immigrants went to North America, due to the unsettled political
situation in East Africa. The majority of these Oshwals settled in Canada. This second
group was primarily composed of families who were resettling.

The first Halari Oshwals of America gathering was organised in 1986, in New Jersey,
by the residents of both New Jersey and New York states. The success of these
two gatherings led to a third annual get together in Massachusetts in 1988. The
signifcance of this third annual event was the formation of the “Halari Visa Oshwals
of North America”.

In 1994 Oshwals Canada Inc. was set up to serve the needs of Canadian Halari Oshwals.

Visa Oshwal Community of Australia (Inc)