The first Halari Visa Oshwal to come to Western Australia was Maganlal Mohanlal
Meghji Malde, an enterprising young pharmacist who had qualifed as the Kenyan
community’s first pharmacist in Edinburgh in 1955 and then, in spirit of our forefathers
ventured to Perth, Western Australia in 1965. He was followed by his brother Kishore
Mohanlal Meghji Malde in around 1970, also a pharmacist. It is a testament to their
drive that these brothers had arrived in Australia at a time when Australia still enforced
its restrictive White Australia policy. Post the end of White Australia Policy in 1982, in
the modern era, Navnit Shah married Jenny Dunn who hails from Perth and settled
here in 1983. Smruti & Dilip Kalidas Pethraj Shah settled in Sydney in 1985, soon
followed by Bhanu & Kanti Chandulal Lakhamshi Shah moving to Brisbane. Sadhna &
Aniket Velji Goshar Maroo were the first Halari Visa Oshwal couple to migrate to Perth
in 1987. Once Neeta and Amu Vaghji Nangpar Shah migrated in 1995 they actively
encouraged people from the whole of East Africa to come to Perth. That started a
signifcant increase in the community which in 2014 is estimated to be around 500

The community had aspirations to form an association and in 2009, at the behest of
Nilesh Shah, Milan Chandaria and Vipul Shah, a committee was formed to plan the
establishment of the Halari Visa Oshwal Community association. The members of the
steering committee that saw the project to the end comprised of Aniket Maroo,Nilesh
Shah,Milan Chandaria,Vipul Shah, Mukesh Shah, Dhiresh Shah, Ravi Shah, Kamal
Shah, Sailesh Shah and Rakesh Shah. The following also worked on the Constitution:
Nilesh Shah, Milan Chandaria, Rakesh Shah and Aniket Maroo.
After many community debates, the Association was formed in September 2012
and is called the Visa Oshwal Community of Australia (Inc.). Its logo and motto have
been created after a very successful competition that was held during the first year of

The first committee worked hard to set up protocols and processes for the young
organisation and comprised of Aniket Maroo (President), Nilesh Shah (Vice President),
Milan Chandaria (Secretary), Hitesh Shah (Treasurer) and 4 committee members:
Kamal Shah, Dhiresh Shah, Anu Shah and Darshak Shah.

The Association has been active in organising fund raising events, social and
entertainment functions including Diwali and New Year get togethers, youth activities,
business and professional training seminars. It has established the Mani Vel Award
which is awarded on an annual basis to the member who has contributed the most to
the community in the year. The first recipient of the award was Milan Chandaria who
has been the backbone of the community in the Association’s formative years and its
first year of being an incorporated organisation.

The community has settled well and there is absolutely no doubt in the minds of the
Halari Visa Oshwals that, in the spirit of our forefathers, the community will flourish
and be extremely successful.

Visa Oshwal Community of Australia (Inc)